Alvarado Bajo Quinto Palo Escrito Black Double Action


Sale price$499.00


The Alvarado Bajo Quintos are 100% made by hand with the finest of wood. Fabricated with cedar and rosewood fingerboards, every bajo quinto goes through the same rigorous quality control process.  Bajo Quintos come with pre drilled slots for easy installation of electronic pick ups.  

  • Wood selection: Palo Escrito
  • Bridge: specially designed for a deep bass response and adjustable bridge for optimal performance
  • Fingerboard: Engleman
  • Bracing system: special for bajo quinto bracing system design to ensure structural integrity
  • Neck: traditional comfortable profile - scale 25 1/2 "inches
  • Top: solid wood top for the best projection and tone
  • Sides and back: solid quality tone wood for focused sound
  • Borders: the traditional rope made of maple and rosewood
  • Pickup: optional
  • Case: Solid quality wood to ensure durability, leather finish in various colors
  • Weight: with case 14 pounds
  • Dimensions with box: 45x18x8 (inches)

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