Anacleto Rey Aguila FBE and EAD 6 Switches Red

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The Anacleto REY AGUILA accordion has a top quality finish, handmade of the highest quality available. This model has two FBE and EAD keys, in red with 6 switches, 3 per key. Craft design with crystal patterns and color schemes to adapt to the artist's taste and create a stage presence. The Anacleto series has the finest sound quality in each accordion.

In the creation of the Anacleto Series, HOHNER consulted with the most famous artists in the world to specifically address the dimensions of the keys, the tactile sensation and the action of the smooth mechanism for precise reproduction. All made 100% by hand. The high quality buttons and with good distance from each other. This accordion will be your absolute favorite for its elegance.

  • Manufacturing: Italian
  • Color or finished: Red
  • Treble Buttons: 34
  • Bass buttons: 12 (Optional voice blocks)
  • Switches: 6
  • Key: FBE and EAD
  • Type of voices: Binci
  • Hardware Color: Silver
  • Straps and buckles color: Silver
  • Grill: Silver
  • Weight: 25 Lbs
  • Compact size
  • Measurements: 20 "x 21" x 16 "
  • Includes: Padded case and professional straps
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