Cantabella Bajo Quinto - Dark Red

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The Cantabella Libertad bajo quinto will set you free!

This dark red bajo quinto with gold details, is made for the free spirit of the musician. Its bridge is created in the form of wings, to reveal the importance of the name behind freedom. This bajo quinto was created in Mexico with the best wood components to produce beautiful music.

Cantabella Libertad was created with maple wood to resonate with a clear and deep sound. This bajo quinto is created with a celluloid mica for protection, painted the same color of the instrument which gives it a touch of elegance. The striker, which is placed under the strings, will help you play with more confidence without dragging the instrument when you play with a pick. Its gold tone tuning pegs, gives it a more elegant look and will offer a more precise tuning. The bracing system is special for the bajo quinto with design to ensure structural integrity. The mast is created from maple wood with a truss rod the steel, which is inside the guitar mast, this holds the instrument to last for years, making it very powerful to resist in practice.

Our Cantabella Libertad bajo quintos have a professional black wooden case. The interior is padded and finished in velvet to avoid the varnish of the instrument. It is created for your measurement and minimize movement when you are on the way. The Cantabella bajo quinto is created with the artist in mind to give it a special appearance on stage.

"For the freedom to achieve your dreams" 
– Cantabella Libertad 

  • Color: Dark Red
  • Mica: Black
  • Wood selection: Maple
  • Bridge: specially designed for a deep bass response and adjustable bridge for optimal performance
  • Fingerboard: natural rosewood fingerboard
  • Bracing system: special for under fifth and with design to ensure structural integrity
  • Neck: traditional comfortable profile - scale 25 1/2 "inches
  • Top: solid wood top for the best projection and tone
  • Sides and back: solid quality tone wood for focused sound
  • Borders: the traditional rope made of maple and rosewood
  • Pickup: optional
  • Case: Solid quality wood to ensure durability
  • Weight: with case 14 pounds
  • Dimensions with box: 45x18x8 (inches)
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