Cantabella Rey Piano Accordion 5 Switches Blue Glitter with White and Black Keys

CantabellaSKU: REY KEY34-72 BLGLI SV

Sale price$6,299.00


Cantabella Rey II has been an accordion of 100% Italian manufacturing in all its components.

It is well known that the accordion is one of the most versatile instruments that can exist, since it is used to interpret from an opera to a good polka of Mexican folklore, it is thus that a key accordion is one of the ties that manage to unite Classical music with our regional music!

In Cantabella accordions we strive to always offer high quality products regardless of the genre of music for which the instrument is dedicated.

In the case of our key models for the Mexican regional market we offer a chromatic piano accordion with 34 treble and 72 bass keys. More than enough to perform our Mexican music, but at the same time to interpret some classical pieces of the European Market or even an Argentine tango.

Our Cantabella key accordions,  just like our diatonic accordions, are made with ARTIGIANA handmade vocals in both highs and lows. In addition to having the same smooth and quick response mechanism that you will find in the largest models for classical music concert performers.

These accordions include a 1 year limited warranty and have professional case and straps.

  • Manufacturing: Italian
  • Color or finish: Blue Tinsel
  • Designs: Full Diamond Bellow Blue
  • Color of Keys: Black and Blue
  • Voices: Cognoni
  • Keys: 34
  • Bass Buttons: 72
  • Registers / Switches: 5
  • Type of voices: Artigiana
  • Hardware Color: Silver
  • Grill: Silver with blue
  • Includes: Padded case and professional straps
  • To see product warranty, click here

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