Cantabella Rustica GCF Matte Black

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The Cantabella Rustica in GCF is a lightweight accordion that has been designed with its functionality fully in mind and its great sound so that its sound can be released in the best possible way. It has 34 treble buttons, which makes it a complete accordion, it does not contain switches, since its size is very compact and this could compromise the original sound of the norteño accordion in a box of fine woods and dedicated to a great sound.

The Cantabella Rústica also offers you the option of 12 traditional bass buttons for a diatonic accordion. This accordion has been developed with the same 100% Italian components of the best quality, Artigiana voices made by hand, aluminum machinery, pads welded in a traditional way with wax of the best quality as well as its vocal frame. This means that the Rustica model offers you the best quality of an Italian accordion in an "ultra compact" accordion at a lower cost than its full-size counterpart with or without switches. The Cantabella Rustica is smaller than the German accordions or the Chinese Accordions of 31 diatonic line buttons; It has 34 buttons, unlike the aforementioned.


  • Manufacturing: Italian

  • Color or finish: Natural
  • Color of Buttons: White
  • Treble buttons: 34
  • Bass buttons: 12 or exhaust bar
  • Key: FBE/ GCF/ EAD
  • Type of voices: Artigiana
  • Hardware color: Wood
  • Measurements: L: 11 "H: 14" W: 8 "
  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • Size: Ultra Compact
  • Includes: Cushioned case and professional straps
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