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The Danley Sound Labs DNA Pro Series Advanced System Amplifier represents current state-of-the-art technology in several areas. This product is the result of several years of research, from which many advances in switched mode power technologies and ever finer detail in signal processing have stemmed. Taking advantage of the latest advances in analogue to digital conversion technologies, the unit achieves performance levels among the very best that engineering permits.

Drive Modules
The DNA Pro Series processor has a new way of ordering and grouping channels in order to give a more speaker-based approach to controlling, designing and recalling speaker configurations; these are called Drive Modules. A Drive Module is the Processing provided by one Input DSP Block, and a number of Output DSP Blocks, which are associated with one-another by means of routing. For example, if Input DSP Block B is routed to Outputs 3 and 4, then this is a 2-way Drive Module with Input DSP Block B forming the ‘Master’ control, and Output DSP Blocks 3 and 4 providing the driver-related control. Overall, this forms the processing typically for one loudspeaker sub-system. The System Engineer Drive Module control panel for this subsystem may then be used for control and monitoring of the associated speaker. Drive Modules may be included in Module Groups, which use the Parameter Overlay feature in the Device to achieve trouble-free Grouping in the System Engineer application. The Presets in the Device are Drive-Module centric, and are used to configure individual Drive Modules rather than the whole device. Importantly, Drive Modules move the focus away from the processing device, and onto the loudspeaker systems. A Drive Module Preset may be broken apart into Components, allowing any output to be used for any component within a Drive Module Preset (i.e. any driver in a loudspeaker subsystem).

  • 2 Ohms: 2,500W
  • 4 Ohms: 2,500W
  • 8 Ohms: 1,500W
  • 4 Ohms Bridged: 5,000W
  • 70V line operation: 2,500W
  • 100V line operation: 3,000W
  • Physical inputs to DSP drive modules: 4x analog, 2x AES & 4x DanteTM inputs can be routed to four DSP drive modules
  • Drive module input processing: Input signal routing, delay, gain, HPF, Phase, Mute EQ: 2x low shelf, 6x PEQ / band pass and FIR shelving filters
  • Drive module output processing: Source, delay, gain, Phase, Mute, crossover filters, VX limiters EQ: low shelf, 8x PEQ / band pass and FIR shelving filters
  • Overlays: Twelve additional independent overlays of EQ, Delay and Gain Flexible grouping for effective control of many amplifier channels in large systems


  • Connector Type: L6-20

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