DAS 2 Vantec 20A and 2 Vantec 118A Bundle

by Hermes Music
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This DAS VANTEC package includes:

  • DAS Line Array VANTEC 20A (2)
  • DAS Self-powered Subwoofer VANTEC 118A (2)
  • ONSTAGE Speaker Pole SS7747 (2)
  • 100FT Cable TMC121A (2)
  • 6FT Speaker Cable TS1445A (2)
  • 10FT Cable TMC116A (2)
    The VANTEC-20A is an active curved source line array that incorporates an arsenal of hi-tech solutions designed to provide the versatility needed by today’s sound hire professionals. Whether it be stacked on the VANTEC-118A companion subwoofer, flown in a compact array, or used alone on a speaker stand, the VANTEC-20A can be used effectively in an incredible number of applications that include corporate A/V, mid-size sound reinforcement, and permanent installation.


    Designed for use in arrays of up to 5 units, the VANTEC-20A is ideal for applications where the power and long-throw characteristics of large line arrays are not needed. Fast and simple deployment is guaranteed thanks to the exclusive DAS Click-Lock™ rigging hardware which allows the system to be securely flown from or stacked on the VANTEC-118A . Individual units can be mounted on tripods with precise aiming possible thanks to the variable angle pole mount which allows for 13.5º up or down tilt.


    The DAScontrolTM interface allows users to easily configure the VANTEC-20A i systems for use individually or in combination with other units. Selectable high pass filter presets facilitate alignment with the VANTEC-18A and VANTEC-118A  active bass systems without external processing. Throw compensation settings and array size selection can all be handled simply via the DAScontrolTM interface. When the VANTEC-20A is used individually, the DASlink™APP can be used to stream music in high definition stereo and remotely control the systems functions. The enclosure is manufactured using Baltic birch plywood and finished with the DAS ISO-flex coating. Power is supplied by a cutting-edge 1500 Wpeak Class D amplifier in a biamplified configuration driving a single DAS 12F4C loudspeaker and twin M-60 compression drivers.


    • Rated Power Amplifier: 1500 Wpeak (Class D Bi-amplified)
    • Frequency Response (-10 dB): 63 Hz - 20 kHz
    • Nominal Peak SPL at 1 m: 136 dB
    • Dispersion: 90º H x 15º V
    • Enclosure Material: Birch Plywood
    • Color/Finish: Black / ISO-flex
    • INPUT Connectors: 1 x Female XLR
    • LOOP THRU: 1 x Male XLR
    • AC INPUT: 1 x powerCON
    • AC OUTPUT: 1 x powerCON
    • Nominal Voltage: 115 V, 3.0 A, 50 Hz / 60 Hz / 230 V, 1.5 A, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
    • Dimensions (H x W x D): 33 x 62 x 43.5 cm / 13 x 24.4 x 17.1 in
    • Weight: 62.3 lb
    The VANTEC-118A is an active front loaded bass system which has been designed specifically for use with the VANTEC-20Acurved source line array. Compact in size, the unit can be flown in arrays or linked together in ground stacks thanks to the DAS Click-Lock™ rigging system which is compatible with the VANTEC-20A.


    The electronics package includes a 2000 Wpeak Class D amplifier and 24-bit high-end DSP for exceptional audio reproduction. A unique “Deep-Loud” EQ switch allows users to tailor the bass output to provide a low subwoofer type response using the “Deep” setting or a louder hard hitting performance in the “Loud” setting. On the rear panel, controls can be found for gain, polarity and a continually variable low-pass filter which ranges from 80 Hz to 125 Hz. The VANTEC-118A is phase response coherent with the other Vantec Series active tops such as the VANTEC-20A offering precise alignment without the need of an external DSP.
    • Self-powered front-load subwoofer system
    • 1 x 18? DAS 18FW speaker
    • Class D 2000 Wpico amplifier
    • Digital signal processing (DSP)
    • “Deep-Loud” serious EQ switch
    • Variable filter "low pass" 80 Hz-125 Hz
    • ON / OFF switch with LED on the back plate
    • Mast base on top


    • Nominal Power Amplifier LF: 2000 Wpeak
    • Frequency Response (-10 dB): 35 Hz - 125 Hz
    • Nominal Peak SPL at 1 m: 134 dB
    • Enclosure Material: Birch Plywood
    • Color / Finish: Black / ISO-flex


    • INPUT: 2 x Female XLR
    • LOOP THRU: 2 x Male XLR
    • AC INPUT: 1 x powerCON
    • AC OUTPUT: 1 x powerCON
    • Nominal Voltage: 115 V, 4.4 A, 50 Hz / 60 Hz / 230 V, 2.2 A, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
    • Dimensions (H x W x D):5 x 61 x 78 cm / 19.1 x 24 x 30.7 in
    • Weight:2 kg (99.4 lb)

    Model: SS7747

    The pole's rack and pinion components are constructed of diecast zinc and allow for a 12" travel. The SS7747 is designed to support a properly balanced speaker of up to 145 lbs.

    • Brand Name: On-Stage Stands
    • Model Number: SS7747
    • TMP Item #: 10738
    • UPC / EAN: 659814949151
    • Namm Category Name: Audio Accessories
    • Short Description: Crank-Up Subwoofer Attachment Shaft
    • Subwoofer Shaft with height crank
      • 30" - 42"
      • 1 3/8"
      • 145 lbs.
      • Steel
      • Black

    Model: TMC121A

    Model: TS1445A

    Model: TMC116A



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