DAS AUDIO INTEGRAL-A402 Single 100W Ch. Amplifier

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INTEGRAL-A402 is a dual channel, 1U, high efficiency class D amplifier intended for permanent installation use. It is equipped with switching universal mains power supply and auto-standby functionality when no signal presence is detected providing energy savings.

 The amplifier delivers 2x200W at 4ohm and can be used in bridge mode for high impedance 100V/70V lines (providing 400W of total power). Front LEDs provide information about signal presence, limiters and protection status. At the rear panel the user can configure the stereo / bridge mode and engage an 80Hz 12dB/oct order High Pass filter.

 The sober and elegant design together with the euro-block type connectors and energy savings makes it perfect for permanent installations.


2 channel amplifier
200 W per channel @ 4 ohms
High Efficiency Class D topology
Low Z and High Z (Bridged 70 V/100 V) operation
Universal Power Supply
12dB/oct 80Hz HPF filter Selector (on/off)
Automatic Stand-by mode


Retail Stores
Bars, clubs and restaurants
Fitness Centers, hotels, schools

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