Fortaleza Bajo Quinto Nickle – LOOP (Lazo)

FortalezaSKU: NIQUEL-3043 LOOP

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Fortaleza Guitars and Real de los Reyes SA de CV 100% Mexican company with more than 5 decades of experience in the manufacture of high-end strings put in your hands.
Resistence, Comfort and Brilliant Harmonics and Fidecity Chord sound.

"Quality that seeks excellence."

Fortaleza Strings are optimized for use with magnetic pickups. Designed by Bajo Quinto players in conjunction with bajo quinto builders to produce a set of strings that are specific for the bajo quinto's unique sound.  The materials and the winding tecnique used are critical components to the vibrations of the strings as they are stroked by the musician on stage or in a Fara Fara. Manufactured for professional use.  

Bajo Quinto strings for Fortaleza Bajos. Contains 10 Pieces

Material: Niquel


  • F (Fa) .023W/.023W
  • C (Do) .036W/.036W
  • G (Sol) .046W/.046W
  • D (Re) .062W/.023W
  • A (La) .078W/.036W

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