H. Jimenez El Quetzal Vihuela

H. JimenezSKU: LV2

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This vihuela is special for many reasons. At first glance you will notice that the anterior and posterior edges of the body alternate between maple and mahogany, as well as the rosette of arrows around the sound cavity. All H. Jimenez vihuelas are shipped in a soft padded case with logo and are covered by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

However, Mariachi teachers and performers will appreciate the functionality of the strap buttons, two additional tonal range frets (six frets in total) and the soft-action pegs. But above all, this vihuela is equipped with the Thunderwing ™ Rosewood Bridge, special design H. Jimenez with a seal for optimal adjustability performance.

  • Bridge - Specially designed Thunderwing ™ Rosewood Bridge for a thunderous bass sound for optimal performance
  • Fingerboard - A high quality natural rosewood fingerboard with a laser logo by H. Jimenez at the end
  • Buttons on the strap - Chrome buttons installed on the strap to fasten at two points (ordered by Mariachi masters)
  • Borders - Rosewood and maple edges with relief
  • Pegs - Smooth action butterfly style tuners
  • Rosette of arrows in the sound cavity
  • Soft black nylon cushioned soft case with zipper bag and shoulder strap
  • Six frets for extra range

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