Hohner Accesories for Accordion Bundle


Color: Negro
Sale price$188.00


This bundle of accessories of your accordion includes:

  • Hohner Accordion Bag AGB
  • Correas Hohner (Available Colors: Black, Blue, White, Red)

La bolsa para acordeón de Hohner. Hecha para acomodar la mayoría de los acordeones de dos y tres filas el relleno de la bolsa protege y amortigua tu valioso instrumento. Viene con una asa regular y convenientes correas de hombros.

Introducing the HOHNER accordion straps made for professional accordions. Made with the finest quality leather in Italy, with enough padding for comfort and support. Ideal for Diatonic Corona II, Xtreme, and Anacleto accordions.


  • Made in Mexico
  • High quality leather
  • Buckle Adjustments
  • Each and every pair is professional sewed

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