Premium Wireless Hohner Compadre Bundle:

    • Hohner Accordion Corona III: CORIIIGR
    • Elite Pro Compact Accordion Case: EPC-3112
    • Audio Technica wireless system: ATW-1101
    • Audio Technica clip-on instrument microphone: PRO35CW

    For 100 years, Hohner has been dedicated to the progress of living and diverse musical communities and our current accordion line can contribute to this goal like never before.

    The Best Sound Quality in an Accordion That Has The Best Components!

    Hohner Corona esta fabricado con los mejores componentes, hecho en Alemania.

    El Corona III Acordeón diatónico es un favorito desde hace mucho tiempo ya que es absolutamente atesorado por los músicos tradicionales.

    • Color: Pearl Red
    • Key: GCF
    • Reed: standard quality plate
    • Number of buttons: 31
    • Rows of buttons: 3
    • Number of notes: 62
    • Class: Diatonic
    • Voices: 3
    • Standard Basses: 12
    • Standard Bass Voices: 6
    • Size (height x width): 31 cm x 19 cm
    • Weight: 6 kg
    • Straps
    • Padded bag
    • To see product warranty, click here

      Elite Pro Compact Accordion Case

      Compact accordion case, hard luxury!

      Italian luxury case made of wood with faux leather exterior, the interior has protections and blanket cover. Space for the most popular compact 31-button accordions.

      Audio Technica Sistema 10 Wireless Body Pack

      Audio-Technica’s System 10 is the most reliable digital high-fidelity wireless system of its generation. Designed to provide performing musicians and presenters with advanced 24-bit operation, easy setup and clear, natural sound quality. Featuring stackable, contemporary styling, each configuration includes a mono ATW-R1100 receiver and an ATW-T1001 body-pack transmitter. The ATW-R1100 is a digital receiver offering volume control along with AF Peak and Pair indicator lights.

      The System 10 continuously monitors the activity in the 2.4GHz band and automatically adjusts the best signal in case of interference with WLAN routers, Bluetooth devices or other HF microphones. The 2.4 GHz frequency band keeps you away from licensing or frequency coordination issues, or frequencies used by DTV and 4G.

      Audio Technica Clip-On Instrument Microphone

      Designed for sax, toms, brass and percussion, the PRO35cW excels in high-SPL applications and is ideal for active stage performances. Its extended frequency response captures subtle nuances of the performance. The included UniMount® clip permits accurate positioning and provides shock resistance while protecting the element. The microphone's cardioid polar pattern reduces pickup of sounds from the sides and rear, improving isolation of the desired sound source. 

      Elite Pro Compact Accordion Case
      SKU: EPC-3112

      • Color: Black
      • Size: Compact

        Audio Technica Wireless System
        SKU: ATW-1101

        • System
          • Simultaneous Channels 8
          • Analog / Digital Digital
          • 4GHz Response Frequency
          • Operating Range Vision Line
          • Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz
          • Microphone included Yes
          • Auto Channel Selection
        • Instrument Cable
          • 1 1/4" connector
          • 2 Hirose 4-pin connector
        • Transmitter Form Factor
          • Dynamic Range 109dB (A)
          • Fixed Antenna Type 2 x AA
          • Battery type 7 hours
          • 4-pin Hirose connector
          • Dimensions 2.76" x 4.21" x 0.98"
          • Weight 0.22 pounds.
        • Receiver
          • Fixed Antenna Type
          • Front Panel Screen Yes
          • LED displays
          • Type Board Board
          • Outputs 1 x XLR, 1 x 1/4"
          • Dimensions 7.48" x 1.82" x 5.06"
          • Weight 0.64 pounds
        • Part number: ATW-1101

        Audio Technica Clip-On Instrument Microphone
        SKU: PRO35CW

        • Transducer condenser
        • Cardioid Polar Pattern
        • Frequency response 30 - 20,000Hz
        • Dynamic Range (Typical) 118dB, 1kHz to Max. SPL
        • Signal to noise ratio 67dB, 1kHz at 1 Pa
        • Maximum input sound level 145dB SPL, 1kHz at 1% T.H.D.
        • Power requirements 11 - 52V, 2 mA typical
        • Output impedance 200 ohms
        • Output connectors Hirose 4-pin Connection for Audio-Technica UniPak Transmitters
        • Pad: No
        • Low frequency Roll-Off 150Hz, 12dB per octave
        • Dimensions .98 x .40 "(25 x 10.2mm) (Length x Diameter)
        • Weight 0.3 oz (8 g)

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