Santa Cecilia Bajo Quinto Cedar Wood

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Santa CeciliaSKU: SC0073

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When you are looking for a high quality Bajo Quinto, 100% handmade and with an unmatched sound but at a price not cheap but fair, Santa Ceclia is your Bajo Quinto.

The SC0072 model of Santa Cecilia is made of cedar wood. This material makes it light and firm in your hands. It has low and soft strings to play for hours.

Well done by luthiers who come from generations of people who are dedicated to the craftsmanship of high quality instruments. The manufacturers are musicians first, they have the wisdom of how the bajo quinto should sound and how it should feel in your hands. This musical experience is injected into the manufacturing of their products.

There will be many brands and models of bajo quintos but Santa Cecilia offers you the best of high-end bajo quintos at a price and sound that you will like.

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