Sonola Loreto I GCF 3 Switches Carbon with Gold Designs


Sale price$5,295.00


The Loreto I model has 3 voice blocks to offer 3 switches that will allow you to obtain 3 different sounds in the same key, making it a professional level accordion for the musician who has the need to find different sounds on the same accordion .

Its finish in modern but elegant designs give it a luxurious image. In addition, all Loreto models have a metal grill and enough opening to offer excellent sound without having to excessively press the bellows. Not only that, the mechanical parts of this beautiful instrument are of the highest quality and have been adjusted by professional accordionists to offer the greatest softness and quick response of the buttons based on your musical performance.

All this is manufactured in an artisanal way and taking care of all the details of the process, in SONOLA ACCORDIONS® each accordion is treated personally by the best artisans of Italy.

  • Color: Carbon
  • Designs: Gold
  • Buttons: Black
  • Grill: Black
  • Fingerboard Cover: Black
  • Mesh: Black
  • 34 Buttons
  • Key: GCF
  • 12 Bass Buttons
  • 3 switches
  • Voice Blocks: 3 Reeds
  • Bass Blocks (Optional)
  • Available: EAD, FBE, GCF, ADG (Special Order)
  • Size: 14 "X 7.7"
  • Weight: 15 pounds
  • Includes Case and Straps
  • To see product warranty, click here

The Best Sound Quality in an Accordion Made with the Best Components! 

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