Sonola Maximum Piano Accordion 5 Switches Glossy Blue and Silver with Black Keys


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The Sonola Key Accordion, delicately made in Italy, is another exclusive instrument that we offer in Hermes Music. This accordion is in blue with silver grill. It is one of the smoothest instruments to the touch. They are made for ambitious musicians, geniuses, visionaries and those who strive to play the accordion.

The Sonola Piano Key Accordion is an accordion that represents the musician as a professional. It has a quick action tactic when playing the piano keys. It is constructed of fine and strong wood, to create a firm sound with a celluloid mica to protect the accordion and then painted with the selected color. The change between their reeds are made between: Clarinet, Violin, Master Basoon and Bandon. While you play, its bellows grabs air to release it with a sound, regarding the change of voices. It has 72 buttons for bass, to release different deep sounds with the music you play.

This accordion has a simple design, with dark colors and stone decorations securely attached to the accordion, which capture the the audience’s attention from the moment you enter the stage. The Sonola Piano accordion will captivate the art of music that you deliver from its appearance to its sound.

They are one of the finest in Sonola, all hand-crafted with hard-aluminum rods and bellows with deep folds to take air. Made in Italy with high quality strong wood material and steel corners. The design is compact and aerodynamic in size a combination of classic beauty with balanced weight for a comfortable distribution to play.

  • Color: Blue
  • Designs: Blue with Silver 
  • Keys: 34
  • Grill: Dark Chrome
  • Fingerboard Cover: Solid
  • Keys Color: Black with Blue
  • Key: Chromatic
  • Bass Buttons: 72
  • 5 Switches
  • Includes Case and Straps
  • To see product warranty, click here

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