Sonola Pista Lux Accordion 5 Switches GCF White


Sale price$5,495.00


The Sonola Pista is the last handmade piece of the modern era in the Mexican accordion, evoking modern and subtle art in a 100% handmade piece with a minimalist design and with details that reflect the taste for Italian design that has been used by more than a century in Italian lineage sports cars.

This model, like its predecessors, has handmade voices “ARTIGIANA MDR” which offer 30% better sound and 60% more durability than regular “Artigiana” thanks to the metallurgical treatment to which they have been subjected.

The track model also offers a wide variety of color combinations and so that each accordion is different from the other, even if they are part of the same line, the safest thing is that when you get your new Sonola Pista, very rarely you will find someone else with an accordion equal to yours.

In addition, Sonola Pista offers a 2-year guarantee so that your investment is well secured and backed by a company that has been in the music industry for over 35 years and a brand that has manufactured accordions since 1946.

With Sonola accordions you will always have the backing of a quality product and 100% Italian crafts.

  • Designs: White with Black
  • Grill: Black
  • Mesh: Black
  • Buttons: Black
  • Fingerboard Cover: White with Black
  • Finished: Glossy
  • 34 Buttons
  • Key: GCF
  • 12 Bass Buttons
  • 5 switches
  • Voice Blocks: 3 Reeds
  • Bass Blocks (Optional)
  • Size: 14 "X 7.7"
  • Weight: 14.5 pounds
  • Includes Case and Straps
  • To see product warranty, click here

The Best Sound Quality in an Accordion Made with the Best Components!

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