Sonola Royal II Ultra Compact 5 Switches FBE Navy Blue with Silver Design


Sale price$5,295.00


The new Sonola Royal model is the continuation of the still existing Sonola Mustang model. With a great design of the two horses on the grill, a tribute is given to Mexicans who especially admire thoroughbred horses; animals that, for a Mexican is a prestige to have and display as great living trophies.

In this model we find the new handmade voices “Cagnoni MDR” which offer an increase of up to 30% more volume and up to 60% more useful life to the reeds, since they have a special metallurgical treatment done to achieve this objective. As it is customary in Sonola Accordions, all our accordions have been tuned by a craftsman taking care of the correct voice-to-voice calibration for your northern music.

  • Color: Blue
  • Designs: Silver
  • Buttons: Blue
  • Grill: Chrome
  • 34 Buttons
  • Key: FBE
  • Voice: Cagnoni
  • 12 Bass Buttons
  • 5 switches
  • Voice Blocks: 3 Reeds
  • Bass Blocks (Optional)
  • Available: EAD, FBE, GCF, ADG (Special Order)
  • Includes Case and Straps
  • To see product warranty, click here

The Best Sound Quality in an Accordion Made with the Best Components!

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