Turbosound IQ18B Powered Subwoofer

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The 3,000-Watt iQ18B is a front loaded 18" powered subwoofer ideally suited for a wide range of portable and fi xed installation, music and speech sound reinforcement applications. The high excursion 18" low frequency driver with double suspension low mass 4" voice coil provides fast and accurate transient response for virtually distortion-free operation – even in the most demanding performances.

Equipped with a very effi cient and lightweight KLARK TEKNIK Class-D power amplifi er, the iQ18B provides an impressive 3,000 Watts of output power. A high degree of control over the loudspeaker system’s performance is managed by a sophisticated, but easy to use KLARK TEKNIK Digital Signal Processor (DSP), which provides dynamic EQ and transparent limiting for the utmost punch and defi nition at high output levels – and long-term reliability. iQ18B’s advanced DSP speaker modelling presets include detailed and accurate models of some of the audio industry’s most-respected speaker systems.

On the rear panel amplifi er module, you will fi nd a fully featured user interface consisting of an LCD display, the Channel A/B gain control, and a single rotary encoder for intuitive access to level, EQ, Speaker modelling, and Feedback Control (FBI). In addition to the two combination balanced XLR/ jack inputs and balanced XLR outputs for powered satellite loudspeakers, the iQ18B features a mic/line switch and level control with signal present LED.

The iQ18B also features our proprietary ULTRANET technology, which allows the use of CAT5 cables for transmitting pristine multi-channel audio signals and other information between ULTRANET-enabled products, such as digital mixers, powered loudspeakers, and personal monitor systems. This digital distribution networking not only eliminates the potential for RFI and crosstalk so common to analogue methods, but also signifi cantly reduces the setup or installation time required. An onboard USB port provides access for remote control of the iQ18B via PC computer, as well as DSP and speaker modelling fi rmware updates.

The birch plywood enclosure is fi nished in a hard wearing semi matt black paint and fi tted with a rugged powder coated perforated steel mesh grille, 35 mm pole mount to support a satellite speaker, and plated steel castors with rubber tyres. Mains power input and link output is provided via Neutrik powerCON* connectors.*

  • 3000 Watt and 18” subwoofer with KLARK TEKNIK DSP technology, Horn Modeling and ULTRANET interconnection.
  • Front-loading subwoofer for portable PA and installation applications
  • 3,000 Watts of power including KLARK TEKNIK Class-D technology
  • KLARK TEKNIK digital signal processor for total system control
  • Speaker modeling includes precise models of industry standard speakers
  • The ULTRANET digital audio interconnect connects to mixers and other sources
  • 18” high excursion low frequency drive with 4” voice coil and double suspension
  • User interface full of functions with LCD screens for easy navigation
  • PC remote control program that can be downloaded at turbosound.com
  • Plywood cabinet with semi-matt black sturdy paint finish
  • Sturdy perforated heavy-duty steel mesh grid.
  • 35mm pole mount to hold the satellite horn
  • Plated steel plates with rubber wheels
  • Main input and output link on Neutrik powerCON * connectors
  • 10 year warranty program
  • Designed in the United Kingdom.

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